Sunday, May 4, 2008

My style

Is a little classy and a little crazy. Classy as in I have many blacks and basics, but crazy as in I love, LOVE these colorful and unique J.Crew sweaters. The more animal print, quirky designs and styles, the better!

While I'm definitely attuned to my wild side, and of the SATC girls, I'm most definitely a "Carrie," I still find myself dressing chameleonically - if that's even a word. Carrie always has her signature Carrie-ness, her signature style. But I find myself testing the waters a lot. Experimentating and having fun. As much as I love my own individuality, sometimes I really am all about conforming to society's situational demands.

Because I work, I often don business wear: professional, chic, yet completely...normal; so not original! Same with athletic wear. When I work out, I'm just your average Nike sneakers and a t-shirt, sweaty treadmill and eliptical enthusiast. I mean, how can you spice up work out clothing?

At NYU, my casualwear is a little more funky - opaque black leggings, long bright tops, chunky necklaces, and clunky boots. But then at home, I totally rock the sweats.

Am I doomed to dress simply for the occasion? Well, right now - yes. My love for fashion has always been influenced by events and situations, by the different types of characters I am. I think a true fashion icon, a real setter of timeless fashion is a person who can incorporate her personal style into every situation. Just like Carrie's flower or her "Carrie" necklace, maybe we should all go in pursuit of our thing. (And I'm not just looking for a certain item to solidify my individuality.) But then again, maybe the reason we have such diversity in our lives is to give us a chance to mix things up? Keep things from being too boring?


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